Wine Wednesday!

wine wednesday

Dear Dominion Dodge, I hate you with the passion of ten thousand fiery suns. I will never pay for your service again. Ever. I’m serious like Taylor Swift here. EVER! Signed, a very disgruntled customer whose car you have held hostage for two and half weeks.


Seriously, my car was SUPPOSED to have been done by today. Ready for pick up. But noooooooo. It may be done by Friday. Grrrrrr. And all that after they couldn’t even get me a loaner car for the first week. I swear. If this doesn’t call for a good wine Wednesday, I don’t know what does!


So,  how about a bottle of Bordeaux to sooth the mind? This week’s selection is a 2000 Bordeaux wine from Chateau des Hauts de Pez in the St. Estephe region of France. This was their bronze medal vintage and costs around $28 a bottle.


My notes:

  • color: dark cherry
  • scent: berries with smoke
  • tannic
  • cherry
  • mineral
  • slightly earthy
  • nice glass, but not my favorite Bordeaux

Some words from someone with more knowledge than me: “Soft, refined flavors and aromas of cassis and blackberry, with nice, spicy black pepper notes. This dry, medium-bodied wine has firm, yet silky tannins and finishes quite smoothly. An excellent companion to meals such as pork tenderloin.” from the folks at TotalWine.

Wine Wednesday!



Man, I had typed up this nice long post and then the power went out… and my post was gone. I know you’re very sad that I will not be retyping my love of the new cardio equipment at the gym. But, that’s just how it’s going to have to be, ha!

Besides that, though, I was commenting on how busy a summer it’s shaping up to be. The Husband has some new work travel plans that are being batted about, we have a few family and friend events to celebrate, and lots of little items that are being added to the calendar. It’s just a crazy time of year! But it is important to never get too busy to take time out to relax, enjoy good food, good company, and, of course, good wine!

Today’s wine selection is a great summer choice for those of us who love our reds! It’s a French Cotes Du Rhone that retails for around $13. This bottle of Pierre Amadieu Roulepierre is a 2010 vintage.

Here are my notes:

  • color- ruby
  • scent- berry, floral
  • very light, smooth
  • easily drinkable red, even for those who may prefer a good white
  • berry notes
  • just a hint of light spice on the aftertaste
  • would be great for a hot day!

From the winemakers: “Bunches of Grenache and Syrah grown on chalk and clay soils are strictly sorted to produce this cuvée. Hand made harvests and traditional wine making process express a pleasant colour together with red and black fruits scents (blackberry, plum). A sweet touch of liquorice enhances the beautiful palate. A mouth filling wine in a pure Rhône style. To drink in its youth (2 years) or within 5 years on a grilled poultry, a roasted veal with an unctuous sauce.”