Fun Finds Friday!

Kuhn Rikon Knives!

kuhn rikon knife

I received the purple santoku knife from Santa this year at Christmas, and I am in love with this knife! Really, anyone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen should pick up a couple of these. They are ceramic, so super sharp, and come in all sorts of great colors. In addition to the santoku knives, there are mini-cleavers, serrated knives, melon slicers, paring knives… pretty much anything you could want. These guys tend to run from $10 to $20 depending on which knife or set you’re looking at. You can buy them from Sur La Table or Amazon, but you can also check out TJ Maxx and Marshall’s who sometimes stock them at a nice discount.

Product Review: Downy Unstopables

A few weeks ago, I joined an online group called Vocalpoint which allows users to receive coupons and samples of different items to try so you can see whether or not you might like to purchase these new-to-the-market items in the future.  Well a few days ago, I received a full-size (13.2 oz) sample of Downy Unstopables, a new in-wash scent booster.  It’s basically a bottle of small beads that you add to your washing machine to help give a fresh scent above and beyond regular laundry detergent.  Downy claims the scent will last for more than 30 days (in storage), but since I haven’t had the product for that long, I have no self-verification yet.  There are apparently two different scents, and I was sent the Fresh scent (as opposed to the Lush scent).  I decided to try it out on a load of towels I was washing yesterday. 

Here are my general thoughts:

  • The directions are a little too vague.  Basically the bottle tells you to add as much as you want to your washer’s basin before the cycle begins.  More indication on the amount would be helpful.  As it was, I added enough beads to fill about  1/5 of the bottle’s cap.  And that was wayyyy too much.  The smell was really overpowering.  The next time I use this, it will just be a sprinkle and that should be plenty.
  • My husband noticed the scent on the towels once they were dried and folded last night.  He really liked the freshness and gives his thumbs up.
  • Honestly, I’m not sure I really understand the point of the product.  Most commercial laundry detergents have scents already, and if you are using one that is unscented, there is generally a reason why and you probably won’t be looking to add another chemically-driven scent element to your routine.  This really just seems like an unnecessary product to me, but I do know there are those out there who prefer added scents or may be looking for longer-lasting freshness options to whom this sort of product may appeal.