Living in the Red, Vol. 8

A couple recent letters-to-the-editor. My comments are in black italics.


Treat and tax everyone equally

I get so tired of reading that the Republican Party voted tax cuts for the rich. They only voted against raising taxes on all citizens. (I can sense that we’re going to have a difference of opinion already.  The legislation was not about raising taxes, but rather simply letting certain tax cuts expire… but a small difference of interpretation… let’s continue.) This is America, where all citizens are supposed to be treated equally. (HA! HA! HA!)  A citizen who makes more or less than another should be taxed at the same rate. The reward for working harder or smarter should not be a higher tax rate.  (1.  Just because Person A makes more money than Person B, does NOT in fact mean that Person A is any smarter or working any harder.  It has much more to do with our wacked priorities in this nation. 2. Actually, yes it does.  The more  money you make, the more capable you are of paying a higher percentage in taxes to benefit society.)

I am a retired truck driver. I am not wealthy. I just want every citizen to be treated equally.

2.Union talks don’t include taxpayers

How are the taxpayers of Wisconsin or any other state with public unions being protected? (1. Union members are taxpayers… why do people always forget that one? 2. All taxpayers are protected by the labor laws that unions helped to enact.  … But somehow I think this is not where you  are going with this statement…)  They pay the bills, just like the owner of a company, but have no seat at the negotiating table with public unions.  (Actually, if we’re talking about government workers here and I believe we are, they are negotiating with heads put in place by representatives that YOU voted for, sir.)

Sure, some will say they do have a seat: the Democrats who negotiated the contracts. But everyone knows the public unions and the Democratic Party are connected at the hip and greasing each others’ palms.   (Not entirely sure how we got here… but regardless, Democrats were indeed elected in popular elections just like their Republican brethren.)

Since all of the taxpayers are not represented (but you are…) and since the union members’ salaries and benefits are paid by taxpayers, this is taxation without representation and unconstitutional.  (No, actually it’s not. See previous comments.) Therefore, public unions are illegal. (Wow. … so wrong. so very very wrong.)

Thank God for the right-to-work law in Virginia.  (Yeah, we wouldn’t want those pesky government workers trying to fight for a living wage or anything.)

3.Explain threat of commandments

Re: “Religious displays permitted,” March 12 news story:

I want to say how proud I am of the kids taking a stand on wanting to keep the Ten Commandments posted. I am glad the school is allowing them to post them on their lockers.  (Well these are both freedoms covered by the 1st amendment.)

The Ten Commandments are listed in Exodus and Deuteronomy. The Scripture has the full text, so I encourage you to read them today.

Now I have a question. Will someone tell me why the Ten Commandments are such a threat to those who want them removed? (They aren’t a threat.  And any student, as previously mentioned, is allowed to hang them on their own property.  The issue here is about how a government-run institution, the school, should not be ‘favoring’ any particular religion by hanging some of that religion’s precepts by will of the administrators.)  Is it because they mention God? Does telling us we should not steal or commit murder, should respect our parents, not to commit adultery, take a day off and rest, etc., threaten them? (Again, not a threat. Just unlawful.)  Please explain to those of us who want to keep them posted.  (Sorry, I was ahead of myself… well, see previous comments.)

Remember what happened to this country after one woman — yes, one woman — caused prayer to be taken out of school. (Actually it wasn’t one woman… and prayer wasn’t taken out of school.  You are still perfectly within your rights to pray in school, you simply can’t force others to pray with you.)  I really would like to understand why these are a threat, so if someone knows, I hope you will explain.  (le sigh)


Living in the red, vol. 7

1. Companies are making record profits and yet continuing to deny loyal, hardworking employees raises or bonuses.  They make net profits in the hundreds of millions yet can’t be bothered to take on new hires… capitalism at its finest.

2. To Jennifer Rubin, RE: “broccoli or human rights?” as written in today’s Roanoke Times… she writes “First lady Michelle Obama’s fondness for food hectoring is annoying in two respects. It is the sort of nannystate nagging that presupposes all of us are incapable of managing our lives and those of our children without the help of our betters, the ones with a White House staff to tend to their garden.  But mostly I object because, next to the pressing issues of the day, this is trivial stuff…” ——- First off, our government presupposes that we need interventions into our eating habits because obviously we do. Have you seen the rates of obesity ravaging our society? It is epidemic amongst our children and apparently, parents do need more guidelines and help in not feeding their children chemicals and crap. Secondly, how you can consider this issue trivial is beyond me. We are talking about the health of our fellow human beings. And many of us do in fact consider health care to be a basic human right.

3. To Richard Raymond, RE: his letter to the Rke Times entitled “homosexual acts, not orientation, offend” —– get over yourself and you asinine prejudices. It’s 2010. Homosexuality is NOT “repugnant.” And it is certainly not “in violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.” You alarmist, hateful reaction to the repeal of DADT is abhorrent.

4. To Robert Frydrych, RE: his letter to the Rke Times, “Let’s keep our plastic bags” — Sir, no one is trying to make you use paper bags for groceries. What people would like for you to use are reusable bags which can be made of many materials.  These bags can indeed hold your “gallon of milk, sharp boxes and blister-packed items.”  These bags also have handles so you needn’t worry about crushing your precious “bread or potato chips.” Good god almighty.