quick netflix/book recommendations

but it’s short, cause i’m in nothing but hurries this week!

book- “my life in france” by julia child and alex prud’homme.  it’s sweet, funny, and clever.  you feel as though you’re travelling thru france with julia and paul, eating and drinking and loving life.  it has a depth that i didn’t expect, and i would highly recommend it for anyone else who is nearing the age of 30 and questioning their purpose in life.  perhaps in reading, you will find your own raison d’etre.

netflix- 500 days of summer.   i saw this a while ago and really liked it.  it’s hilarious and indie-like.  a semi-love story.  it’s mostly about how you should always remember that when one door closes, another opens.  life is meant to be lived, so don’t get too tied up in the drudgery.

this week i watched coco before chanel, and as much as i’d love to put it up as a rec… i’m not sure i can. it was just ok, for me, even though i did think the acting was well done and the story line seemed to stray fairly true to what i know of c.c.’s early life.  that said, i guess i just wasn’t that moved by it.

netflix recommendation

No Impact Man

It’s an interesting documentary about a guy and his family who attempt a year-long experiment in which they have no impact (i.e. no carbon footprint) on the environment.  It’s actually pretty funny — I could totally see myself in the wife — as well as being an educational look at what we can easily do without versus what we can’t.  While I do think that he was doing this little task more for publicity for his book, I also think that he and his family learned a lot while participating in the project.  There are some interesting ideas, some successful and some not.  I am even kind of inspired to attempt to stop using paper towels and paper napkins… however, I am still refusing to give up toilet paper…  But if you need something both entertaining and enlightening to add to your queue, this would be a great addition!