Vino Mercoledi!


Or Mercoledi de Vino? So, I’m not entirely sure of how that one translates. Forgive me, please! Either way, it’s Wine Wednesday! And yes, that is a Christmas decoration in the picture, and no, I do not still have Christmas decor up, ha. I’m just that far behind on my reviews! But those are my super-cute Christmas wine charms that I love! Anyhoo…

Nothing too terribly exciting is going on this week in the Life Happens household. The Husband did run in his big marathon this past weekend and beat last year’s time by over 15 minutes. He managed to come in just under four hours, so he was quite happy with that! And of course, I am happy for him! Other than that, we continue with our landscaping projects, organizing, travel planning, and work.

In all of that travel planning that I mentioned last post (along with some forward thinking/planning for next year), I am reminded of our past vacations and how much fun we’ve had over the last several years setting out and exploring just some of what this great world of ours has to offer. We are unbelievably lucky in that we have the resources available to take some amazing adventures. I just cannot imagine living my life without getting to see so many other cities, states, and countries, or doing all of that without my wonderful husband! AND… this all ties in quite nicely to this week’s wine selection because it is one that we discovered on last year’s trip to Italy (which of course you can read about here).

While in Naples, we enjoyed several really amazing meals with some of the Husband’s colleagues. One of these fellows is quite the wine aficionado himself and said that he was determined to order a few bottles of a local wine that was made from grapes that had been grown on Mt. Vesuvius. This wine is called Lacrima Christi, or Tears of Christ. And it is DELICIOUS! We ended up trying several different bottles at a couple of different restaurants and it was truly some of the best wine that we had on our trip. When we returned from Italy, both the Husband and I expressed our disappointment at having not been able to bring some of this back. We did bring a few bottles of Italian vino back with us, but we didn’t purchase any Lacrima because of our travel schedule and needing to get it safely back to Rome before heading home. We were, however, lucky to come across one brand of it at a Total Wines once back in the States. While this bottle certainly wasn’t AS good as the ones we sipped while in Naples, it certainly was tasty and I highly recommend that anyone interested in a good, bold Italian take the opportunity to try some Lacrima Christi, if you can!

This bottle of De Angelis Lacrima Christi del Vesuvio was a 2011, bottled in Sorrento, Italy. It retails for around $22.

My notes:

  • color- dark plum
  • scent- earthy, mineral
  • spicy at first
  • earthy
  • has a mineral quality
  • full-body

Notes from the experts are a little sparse on this one, so you’ll just have to trust me that it really is worth a glass (or two).

Wine Wednesday!


Spring seems to have finally arrived with some consistently pleasant temperatures recently. I’m proud to report that the lovely flowers that my dear husband and nephew planted in the last snow storm are still going strong! I have broken out my flip-flops and t-shirts and we’ve already fired up the grill with some fresh fish and grass-fed steaks. Even the yard bunny family has begun to make an appearance. How I do enjoy my shoulder seasons. Fall and spring are usually about as perfect as you can get temperature-wise. And I love all the green that comes back with spring. Plus the days are getting longer. Of course, I am already spying insane amounts of pollen on my car each morning, meaning that allergy season will soon be in full-swing in our house. That is my one biggest pet-peeve with this season (well, that and the fact that it’s the lead in to the hellish hot days of summer).

The Husband and I have been staying busy recently continuing to work on projects around the house and work. He’s running in his annual mountain marathon this weekend, and I’m busy planning our upcoming vacations. The Hubs and I are planning a beach getaway to Aruba later this summer. Neither of us have been, so we’re excited to see somewhere new! And, my sister is hoping to take my niece and nephew to Disneyworld this year—a trip for which we have been recruited to help wrangle and ride rides at the parks, lol. I haven’t been to Disney since I was a teenager, so it would certainly be nice to go.

We did spend a lovely Easter weekend in Charleston, South Carolina just a couple of weeks ago. Charleston is one of those cities where you can walk around forever and just enjoy seeing the lovely homes, churches, and parks. It was our second trip there, and we enjoyed seeing more of the Battery, visiting the Nathanial Russell house, walking in the Scots Church graveyard, and taking a carriage tour with a very humorous guide. I was good about shopping and managed to walk away from town with just a few spice blends from the Charleston Spice Company. That store is really pretty neat, if you ever get the chance to check it out. Of course, we ate well on our trip as well! I’d definitely recommend Blossom or Anson for dinner, Henry’s House for lunch (sit on the rooftop for a nice breeze and lovely view), and Toast for breakfast.

Anyhoo, by now I’m sure you’re asking, where’s the wine, right? Well, today’s selection is a robust Cabernet from Columbia Crest. This bottle of Horse Heaven Hills, or H3, is a 2009 that retails for around $14. It was a decent enough wine, but it’s pretty heady, so it might be more difficult to enjoy if you’re not into big, bold Cabs.

My notes:

  • color- purple
  • scent- bouquet of fruit
  • full-bodied
  • little bit of spice
  • plums
  • slightly metallic finish
  • not for the light-hearted wine drinker

And from the experts: “Focused, refined and appealing for its open-weave texture around a generous core of plum and currant fruit, finishing with hints of coffee and dark chocolate. Drink now through 2014.” Wine Spectator, 90 pts.