living in the red, vol. 6

a few thoughts on recent letters to the editor. my comments are bolded and italicized.


Throw Perriello out of the House for health vote

Fifth District voters wouldn’t let Rep. Tom Perriello off the health care hook at a meeting in Martinsville. I’m glad to see that voters wouldn’t let him deflect attention away from his voting record supporting Obamacare. (Obamacare?  Feel free to step away from the Fox News at any time.  The legislation is about health insurance, not the President).  When he couldn’t get away from this issue, he went back to the tired, old Democratic talking points about how this lousy legislation is so wonderful.

He failed to mention that under the Compilation of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, an employer with an average of at least 50 full-time employees will be required to provide health insurance to all employees or pay a fine of $2,000 for each. (Great!  Isn’t it amazing that we’re now going to attempt to make companies treat their employees like people, not just pieces of machinery that fulfill a job need.  Thank god we are finally realizing what the rest of world has known for years, that healthy, happy employees are productive employees!)  It makes no difference to elitist snobs that such a fine will force many employers who cannot provide insurance to close their doors and lay off employees.  (1.  Companies will adapt, just as they do to any and all changes in policy as they have done over centuries. 2. “elitist snobs?”  Really?  I’m pretty sure that giving a damn about other people isn’t an ‘elitist’ quality.)

Please, Perriello, tell us where the money is to come from. (Taxes.  Glorious, glorious taxes.  The same ones the fund hospitals, schools, transportation systems, fire departments, police departments, etc etc.) If profit margins are just 5 percent of sales without this fine, they will be zero with it. (They could always just raise the price of the product by a dollar, now couldn’t they?  God forbid we have to spend $1.99 on hamburger helper instead of  $.99)  What incentive will employers have to remain in business? Without business profits, there are no jobs (unless you are a congressman).

It is time for him to go.

2. Give Islam same tolerance it has

Re: the controversy surrounding building an Islamic community center/mosque near Ground Zero:

I think that Muslims should be allowed to build it, but only after a Christian community center/church is allowed to be built in Mecca. Seems if they expect us to accept them, then they should accept us.  (1.  I think the only people who should be deciding this issue are the New Yorkers who actually live in the area where the proposed mosque would be built.  2.  The Islamic group behind the mosque idea already own the building they want to tear down and rebuild.  This entire argument is really non-necessary.  3.  What a great way to show American resiliency — rebuild a religious center near a site of tragedy.  What could be more spiritually heartwarming?  4.  The whole “All Muslims are terrorists” line of thought is tired.  It’s obnoxious, untrue, and evil.  It’s a line of bigotry, hatred, and fear cowled in a cloak of “realism.”)



Scientist’s work warrants probe

Re: “Cuccinelli vs. science,” July 18 editorial:

Your obsessive dislike of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli continues unabated. (Well, if he would stop doing unlikable things…)University of Virginia researcher Michael Mann’s very suspicious, but very politically correct, conclusions favoring a man-made global warming are a legitimate concern of the attorney general’s office, since Mann was on the state’s dime while panting after the unrequited love of his life, this same man-made phenomenon.

Despite your alleluia, proof for global warming as man-made or even its very existence is several quantum leaps short of even a theory. (No, no it’s not.  Feel free to check any of the very informative links from this post-   I’m sure you have unimpeachable sources proving man-made global warming, but I have equally unimpeachable sources for the contrary, but that’s the point I’ve been making.  (How did you know I had sources?? Is my tinfoil hat not working again?!?)


living in the red, vol. 5

from saturday’s letter to the editor:  … as always, i’m the bolded italics.

Isn’t it high time for answers about why the midnight oil seldom burns in the Oval Office? (wait, what? i know several  washington insiders who can attest that the Pres is constantly at work at all hours of the day and night.)  Because we sense a lack of direction as the president travels hither and yon. (? ? ?) Grandstanding in the hinterlands begets headlines, but the public is becoming mighty anxious about whether anyone is minding the store.

President Obama’s 16 trips abroad in 2009 were the most by any first-term president.  (good, it’s nice to have a president try to win back some our allies and open discussions with those whom we haven’t been as friendly.)  He didn’t sit on his hands at home, either: 58 cities in 30 states.  (awesome, it’s great our president is so interested in keeping touch with the American people.)  Likewise, in 2010: four trips to the Gulf  (how many of those are directly related to the oil spill?), plus 27 visits to commencements, memorials and political assemblages. And the First Lady travels, too.  (ahhh, a true family man who spends time with his wife and kids. it’s refreshing isn’t it? and how great that we have a first lady interested in supporting so many great causes in our nation…)

Cost? $68,000 per hour to operate Air Force One, as well as cargo aircraft at $6,960 per hour to transport limos, helicopters, equipment and staff. Not to mention sky-high expenses by cities and states for law enforcement support. By way of comparison, President Clinton’s trip to Asia in 2000 cost the taxpayers $50 million.  (ok… travel for the leader of the free world is expensive. understood.)

The figures speak for themselves. With staggering budget deficits, the public would be best served if Obama holed up in the Oval Office now and then and addressed the problems rather than hitting the road on his extravagant and thinly veiled campaign for re-election.  (wait, so, you’d rather he take a completely isolationist approach and ignore the rest of the world? welcome to 2010, my dear. that philosophy is no longer an option. and not for nothin’ but president obama seems to be working pretty darn hard to me.  between dealing with the oil, working to end several wars, pushing for alternative energy, working on healthcare, creating committees to oversee regulations, helping the banking industry, the automotive industry, working on keeping taxes low, helping americans purchases homes, cars, and appliances, etc etc, i would say he’s doing a pretty banner job so far. what have you accomplished lately?)