Wine Wednesday!


How about another great Target clearance find for this snowy Wine Wednesday? Today’s fine feature is a Cabernet from Bogle Vineyards in California. It’s a 2009 which normally sells for around $11 a bottle. Of course stalking the Target clearance section led to me finding this bottle for under $8! You’ll enjoy this one if you appreciate a good heady red.

My notes:

  • color- dark ruby
  • scent- slight fruit, oak, grass
  • flavors- very mineral, earthy, notes of grass and berry

The experts: “Richly extracted cherry and cassis arrest the senses, holding captive on both the nose and the palate. Swiftly followed by black pepper and black olive, the supple mouthfeel fills out this full-bodied wine. Spicy American oak heightens the dense fruit, finishing with wisps of ground pepper and stellar tannins. Cellar for another 7-10 years, but don’t let anyone say you can’t enjoy it now…” from the winemakers themselves

Well Hello there, 2012.

As promised, here are a few things I hope to enjoy this new year…

  • some snow. At some point! We’ve had no snow yet this winter after 2 years in a row of white Christmases. Hopefully it will get here soon!
  • getting back on track with the being healthy. I was doing really well during the summer and fall, but it needs to continue.
  • finding a real job. I’m tired of the bouncing back and forth just waiting for the gods to shine their graces upon me and grant me with a job offer. I’ve fulfilled my end of the bargain. I’ve held every position they’ve given me to try to work up to what I want. I’ve done my classes, my sucking up, contacts with central offices… I’m tired of the politics.  If nothing by summer, I’ll be leaving the field of education and looking for something new. I just can’t keep going on like this.
  • selling granny’s house.  It’s a tangent reminder, but it’s time to go.
  • a Stanley Cup is too much to hope for, and frankly out of our reach this year. But how about at least a good second round showing in the playoffs? Surely the Caps can manage to not get swept two years in a row, right?
  • a few good books.  The few I read last year were a little lackluster to me.  Although, I did enjoy The Help.  This year, I already have a few new ones lined up.

— Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Vol II  (who doesn’t love this woman?!)

–Celia Rivenbark’s You Don’t Sweat Much for a Fat Girl (the only humor writer I can stand, she’s southern-hilarious.)

–Anthony Bourdain’s Medium Raw

–Rebecca Skloot’s Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

–Stacy Schiff’s Cleopatra

  • staying on budget. I’m going to try extra hard this year. I promise! Those trips to Target and El Toreo be damned!
  • a special 10 year anniversary. Yup, this year marks the 10th anniversary for the husband and myself. Some days it’s hard to believe that it’s been almost ten years.  (Others of course, it seems to have been going on lonnnnnnng beyond that, ha!) But I can honestly say that after having known each other decade, I am more in love with him now than I was even then. I’m extremely lucky to have found such an amazing life partner to enjoy the world with.
  • more times with friends and those I care about. It’s all about priorities, and I know many of us had so many other things going on, that at times certain people were put on the back burner. And some friendships simply evolve into other relationships. And that’s ok.  But for my part, I’ll work on organizing more of our girls’ nights, keeping up more with email, and I also hope that my sister and I can get back to “doing dinner” on the occasional Friday night.  (Come ‘on, girl, you know you want to try that Mexican risotto!!)
  • Stop waiting. I need to stop waiting on others to change, on myself to make the right decisions, and on everything to fall into place. It’s time to just do. To do what needs to be done and hope for the best.
  • finally get a few organizational things done around the house. We’ve been needing to organize our storage tower in the family room and put up curtains in the living room for a long time. Plus there’s still the silver to finish polishing and all the photos to put into albums. Time to knock some of that out.
  • spend some time appreciating what I have
  • and blog about it. 😉