Day 3: London, west side

After a whirlwind day of sightseeing on Day 2, we were back at it again on Day 3. Because, really, when you’re there you just have to see ALL THE THINGS! We actually slept in a bit and had breakfast at the hotel before heading out on a somewhat drizzly morning to catch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. I remember being less than impressed the first time I saw the ceremony, but it’s a must-do for tourists, right? Since the Husband hadn’t seen it, we headed over to the palace. Unfortunately, since it had been raining that morning the guards did not do the full ceremony but rather a very shortened, somewhat lackluster small changing. Personally, I feel like you people live in England and while we didn’t encounter that much rain while we were there, you all certainly seem to talk about getting it all the time. A little wetness shouldn’t prevent this kind of show. Buck up, for crying out loud! But alas, no big elaborate ceremony that morning.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Red coats, fuzzy hats

Red coats, fuzzy hats

After that rather disappointing non-show, we took a lovely stroll back towards Westminster to tour the abbey. Again, the English being who they are- no photographs allowed inside. However, again great audio guide. This one was narrated by Jeremy Irons and did a nice job of hitting all the highlights in the abbey. I always enjoy seeing elaborately carved tombs and being that so many kings and queens are buried in the abbey, there is no shortage of those! Plus, the coronation seat for the monarchs of Britain is located near the exit. That’s fun to see as well. Below is a picture of the exterior taken the night before.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

With a visit to the church where Kate and Wills said “I do” checked off our list, we headed over to the Parliament area to see the Churchill War Museum, including the underground tunnels used by Winston Churchill and his peeps during WWII. Again, no pictures allowed (you were killing me GB!) but we spent about an hour and a half wandering the tunnels and rooms used to help command the British forces during the air raids.

Once we had finished up there, we decided to call it an early night and head back to the hotel to get everything packed up and ready to set out on the road first thing the next morning.


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