Wine Wednesday!


Day One of my new running “program”- complete! Yeah, you can read that sentence again if you need to. I am NOT a runner. Now, I don’t mind working out. I have even learned to love cardio on various machines at the gym. But. I am not, nor have I ever been, a runner. In fact, I make no qualms about telling people, “Hey, if you ever see me running? You might wanna start high-tailing it too, because I am being chased by a zombie or a madman with a knife, something!” That said, I need a new challenge. And still need to lose some weight that’s been trying desperately to stay attached to my lovely self. So, it’s back to calorie-counting and giving running a try. I’m actually pretty pleased with how well today went. And I certainly hope that I can report back down the road about my progress. Which, quite frankly, means that if I can run for ten minutes continuously, I will be happy, LOL.

So, in celebration of this new venture/small accomplishment, how about an amazing Bordeaux on this lovely Wednesday? I am such a sucker for French wines. A Bordeaux or Burgandy is my absolute favorite. This week’s selection is a 2009 from Chateau de Barbe Blanche. This particular Bordeaux is from the Lussac-St. Emilion region (a personal fave). It retails for about $23 a bottle.

My notes:

  • color- dark, blackberry/plum
  • scent- earthy, dark fruits
  • smooth
  • hint of spice
  • earthy, oak flavors
  • hint of smokiness
  • very, very yummy!

And for the experts: “Raspberry, blackberry and currant flavors pump along, with toasty vanilla and spice notes filling in on the medium-weight, juicy finish. There’s a nice tarry flash on the finish.” – Wine Spectator


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