Trash to Treasure

In the interest of posting something besides a wine review so that no one truly believes that I’m an alcoholic, how about another topic of discussion? 😉 This past weekend was a productive one for The Husband and I. Actually most of our recent weekends have been. Since the start of the new year, we’ve redone our master bedroom, fixed some minor issues around the house, and started reorganizing lots of things! Next week is Spring Break and I’m hoping the weather will be decent so we can get started on some outdoor maintenance.

The whole reorganizing project (which currently involves building some shelves and cleaning up the office) is the reason for the title of the post. Not only did we ready an enormous pile of Goodwill donations, we also dropped off some extra building supplies to the Habitat store and took yet another trip to our county’s local recycling bins. This weekend was actually the first time that I’ve ever been in the Habitat store, and I was pretty impressed. It was much larger than I had thought it would be and I was amazed with the selection of items being offered for sale. We will definitely be checking it out again for the next big home improvement project. And if anyone is interested in getting some handy recycling bins for your kitchen, I love these from Crate & Barrel. They make it super easy to collect and sort your items. We’ve been recycling our papers for the last couple of years, but we’ve been behind on including bottles, aluminum, and plastics. With our new bins, it’s super easy for me to throw in all the kitchen trash as it accumulates and we can drop it off each weekend.

And for more of turning trash to treasure? How about all those coupons that so many people throw away every weekend? I’ve always been a big couponer— I mean come on, it’s free money! But over the last year, I’ve really worked to become better at it. Now I (almost) never leave the house without my coupon organizer, because you just never know when you’ll run into a good sale! In fact, today I went to make my end-of-the-month trip to Target and walked away spending only$33. 51 after saving $18.33. That’s a pretty impressive rate of savings if I do say so myself! It helps that Target lets you stack their coupons with manufacturer coupons and that you get 5% every time you shop with your Target Visa. Those savings really add up! And hey, that’s almost $20 that I can spend on something just for me, right??! 😉 Anyone else have any good recent sale stories to share?


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