Things that make me happy:

The Husband. Tulips. Snow days with at least 6 good inches of snow. Brown. Red wine sipped slowly by the fire. Baking cookies. The Sunday paper. Picnics by ponds. Seeing my niece and nephew. Watching the racing pigs at the Salem Fair. Fuzzy socks. Air conditioning. Long dinners with good friends. Thinking. Writing. Watching. Candy with caramel. Club music (think 90’s electronica). Italy. Random texts from my sister. Recipe hunting. True Blood. Reading sappy stories. Lurking. Cooking new recipes that may or may not pan out. Game of Thrones. Playing golf at the beach. Back rubs. Compliments. Singing to myself. Dreaming. Fantasizing. Bargain hunting. Message boards. Having a clean house. Mannheim Steamroller’s Stille Nacht and Veni Veni. Hosting parties. Halloween. Seeing friends. Star gazing. Late night drives on the parkway with the windows down on balmy spring nights. Long finger nails. Nice make up. New clothes. Thomas Jefferson. Jalapenos. Water rides at amusement parks. Tuxedo strawberry. Ireland. A&E reality shows. Alone time. Naps. Buying Christmas presents for kids on the angel tree. Mad Men. Making worksheets. Totally rocking out in the car.  Paris. Hot tubs. Caesar salads. Getting organized. Decorating the Christmas tree. Watching the bunny families in the backyard. Making plans for the house. House hunting for homes I can’t afford. UVA. Re-reading great stories. Yankee Candle’s Harvest candle. Getting riled up over politics. Dancing by myself. Watching bad 80s movies and reality show drama. Colorful jewelry. Buddhism. Photo albums. Memories. Scrabble. Ouija. Long walks on cool fall nights after the sun has gone down and all the world is tucked away in dimly lit family rooms that I can barely see into behind the shimmering curtains and open front doors. The leaves changing in the fall. The mountains. Water. My friends. Bath and Body Works’ seasonal soaps. The dark. Silence. Busch Gardens. Traveling to new places. Smiling.

Because we should all recognize the things in our lives that make us the most happy. And be grateful each and every day for all of those things!