Wine Wednesday!

wine wednesday, rex goliath, merlot

A weekday wine you won’t break the bank on. Rex Goliath brand wines are great everyday drinking wines. They’re readily available, cheap, and pretty darn good for an under $10 bottle. I usually have a bottle or two of different varieties on hand for random nights when I’m not really looking to pair a bottle with food or anything, just would like a glass to sip while I’m reading or watching tv. This particular bottle was a Merlot, but you can’t really go wrong with any of their varietals.

My notes:

  • color- light purple
  • scent- fruit-filled, cherry
  • light body
  • smooth, easily drinkable
  • berry flavors with floral undertones

And how does Rex describe their own wines? “Mouth-filling flavors of plums, cherries and wild red berries dominate from start to finish. Soft, supple and complex. Pretty and seductive with a decidedly spicy nose of black cherry, cassis and cedar.”


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