Wine Wednesday!

wine wednesdayFor today’s Wine Wednesday, I bring you a very affordable (think under $10 a bottle) red- perfect for your at-home evening, enjoying a steak off the grill with the hubs. This was a 2009 (the pick is from another bottle) Ravenswood Shiraz. I enjoy most of the Ravenswood collections. They are very drinkable, easy to find, and inexpensive.

My notes:

  • good everyday value
  • color- plum
  • scent- berry, hint of tobacco
  • light, approachable
  • taste- plums, slight earthy tones

The experts: “Lively raspberry, citrus tones give way to bright, juicy, pure fruit finish balanced by slightly dusty ripe tannins.”  care of the folks at the Wine Encyclopedia.

The Tao of Easter Candy

Yeah… so I probably should have thought of this prior to the Easter holiday. But… I didn’t! Instead, as I munch on clearance Easter candy bought yesterday, I am left to ponder the wonders of the chocolate, marshmallowy goodness.

Let’s start with this: Easter has, by far, the best candy of any holiday. Christmas, Halloween, Memorial Day… they just don’t compare. Easter candy is special. It’s diverse, yummy, and abundant since Easter revolves mostly around the candy as opposed to gifts (at least for heathens like me).

Let’s take a look at a few favorites.

  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs. These suckers are AWESOME. They are the premium of all Reese’s products with the perfect peanut butter-to-chocolate ratio. In fact there is an hierarchy to Reese’s holiday products that you may or may not be aware of. The eggs are at the top of the pyramid. Next comes the Christmas Trees at Christmas, then the Pumpkins at Halloween, followed by the Hearts at Valentine’s. Then you can pile all the bagged versions and regular old Reese cups at the bottom.
  • Peeps. Now, I recognize that these are a divider. There are those who do not proclaim any love for these little sugar-coated marshmallow pieces of heaven. These people are BLASPHEMERS! Peeps are god’s gift. But only Easter peeps (not all those subpar, other holiday versions) and only the pink and yellow ones. I’m partial to the yellow chicks and pink bunnies. And, it is important to note, that Peeps are best enjoyed slightly stale. Seriously. I’m not alone in this! Open the package and wait a few days before indulging. They are soooo much better that way!
  • M&Ms. Holla at the egg-shaped fabulosities. These are far superior to the regular M&M shape and really come in second only to the Christmas mint version.
  • Cadbury Creme Eggs. MMMmmmmm. Whether you are indulging in the chocolate creme, orange creme, caramel, or regular sickeningly sweet ones, you can’t go wrong with these guys. Again, there are many detractors out there who are frightened off by the odd whitish ooze plus the random orangey yolk center of the original flavored creme eggs, but these people are just delusional. They are also the same people who will complain about a chocolate torte being too rich. IMPOSSIBLE!! So chuckle at the Cadbury bunny commercials and pop a couple of these suckers for dessert. BTW, Cadbury– what I wouldn’t give for a combo pack of eggs. Come on, I don’t need to buy 4 separate packs of eggs with four each… just give me one sample pack with each of the flavors to quench my Easter lusting!
  • Marshmallow eggs. Chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs. These are one of my favorites. For Easter, these come in many different variations. The Hershey ones are alright. The super economic (read: cheap) ones that come in the faux egg carton are decent enough. But the Russell Stover ones are the best. The chocolate is dark and the marshmallow is creamy. A pillow of perfection, it is!
  • Whopper Robins Eggs. Now, who amongst us doesn’t love a candy-coated whopper?? These are the husband’s favorite, so several bags have of course graced our home this month. Admittedly, Whoppers aren’t my favorite candy, but somehow, the hard-candy shell makes them just a little better this time of year.
  • Jelly Beans. Ah, jelly beans. That good old Easter staple. There are so many different types nowadays that everyone has their own personal favorite. I’m partial to the plain Brach’s standard bag (even though, they still include those damn licorice ones— WHO eats those?????) and the Starburst flavored ones. This year, I even fell in love with the sour Starburst jelly beans, even though they weren’t sour at all. Still tasted good!
  • Hollow Bunnies. Milk chocolate hollow Easter bunnies. Now I will fully admit to being really picky about these guys. I prefer the ones with the hard sugar candy eyes, not that stupid colored chocolate crap. The Palmer’s Baby Binks, Busy Bunnies, and Peter Rabbit are all solid choices (hahaha, see what I did there??).
  • and the king of all kings…. Cadbury Mini-Eggs. Mini-eggs are like crack. Seriously, they are an addiction. But a yummy one at that.