Wine Wednesday!

Yes, I know it’s been a while, but … what can I say? Just a lot going on right now, even if half of it is only in my head, ha! But here’s a little WW to enjoy this Leap Day. Or perhaps I should say, not enjoy? Because today (fitting with the weather of thunderstorms going on outside), I have three not-so-great selections to share.

wine wednesday, merlotFirst up, a 2009 bottle of Merlot from Monarch Glen in California. I was really just “ehhhh” about this bottle. It’s drinkable, but it’s not very good. This was part of one of the Groupon wine deals we bought last year- those were a mixed bag. There were a couple of bottles that were nice, but a couple, like this one, were lackluster and are probably best relegated to cooking.

My notes:

  • color- cherry
  • scent- fruity, berry
  • acidic
  • grassy flavor

Tasting notes from— “A deep, bold California Merlot with a hint of spice. Rich berry flavors and a clean, simple finish.”

Now the other two bottles were so bad, I don’t even have pictures of my own, lol. The first is a Chianti Colli¬†Fiorentini by Firenze. It was a 2005 import from Italy. I’m thinking we just got a bad bottle of this particular wine because it was just terrible. It was even slightly fizzy after the pour. The color was slightly brown and the taste was very off. If I can find another bottle, I’d be interested to try it and see how it holds up. This one came from a local wine shop that often had hard to find and great imports but unfortunately has closed.

And last, but not necessary least…

*note- this pic is borrowed with love and respect from K&L Wine Merchants. Visit them and order something good!

Bitch wine. These are admittedly a novelty (coming in red, white, and bubbly). I popped this bottle for dinner with my sister one night. Dinner between the two of us must simply be accompanied by something with the world Bitch, we thought! So, we opened the bottle of red I’ve had lying around for a bit. It was alright, but not great. Still a nice novelty touch for a girlfriend with a sense of humor. Just don’t expect fine wine!

So there you have it. A new post (since it’s been forever and day!) and three new (albeit not great) selections of vino. HAHA, what more could you ask for???