Wine Wednesday!

wine wednesday, estancia

How about a good bottle of red that you can score for under $15? Everyone loves a deal, right? And what better time to look at a nice cheaper wine than right after the new year as everyone is examining their budgets and vowing to save more money in 2012?

Estancia makes very drinkable California wines that are also very affordable. This bottle was a 2009 Pinot Noir produced from Pinnacles Ranches. Here are my notes:

  • color: red to plum
  • nice body
  • scent: hint of cinnamon with fruit
  • slight spiciness
  • plum notes
  • easy to drink, simple and smooth

And as for the experts: “Aromas of cherries and cranberries are complicated by notes of leather, pepper, and oak on the nose. The palate offers flavors of lively red berries that flow into notes of game, pepper, floral suggestions, and a bit of earth. A fairly bright, fairly dry, and not overly fruity Pinot, fans of more acidity and hearty flavors will enjoy this bottle.”-


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