Wine Wednesday!

wine wednesdayThis bottle is a Pinot Grigio from Italy.  It is a 2009 white wine imported by Gaetano D’Aquino Imports.  It’s a refreshing wine with no strong after taste that I have a problem with in many white wines.  I’d recommend it as a light, white table wine.
My notes:

  • color- soft white
  • dry
  • not fruity
  • slightly grassy in flavor
  • oaky

The professionals: “Made in the Veneto region, this straw-yellow Pinot Grigio has an Intense bouquet. This wine is an excellent companion to fish, soups and white meats.” from

Oh how I’ve missed thee…

Alrighty. So… it’s been a few weeks. But blogging is back- seriously. And since I’ve decided to step away from the facebook yet again, this will have to take over for the random thoughts and snippets.

So, for a quick wrap up of newsworthy-to-me thoughts and moments recently …

-I had my first double-yolked egg this weekend. I was way more excited when I cracked that baby than I should have been!

-I can’t read or think anymore about the whole PSU sex abuse scandal. It just hurts too much. But I do continue to be shocked by the sheer number of people who continue to support those who KNOWINGLY swept child rape under the rug and allowed it to continue. Sickening.

-I was ultra-excited to switch over my radio yesterday and hear that Q99 had already begun its 24/7 xmas music barrage. LOVE!

-I am rereading the best book of all time, A Prayer for Owen Meany, by John Irving. I will never get tired of this book!

-WaHooWah! How ’bout them ‘hoos? I don’t really care how the rest of our season goes, we’ve already had a great year, and our new era under Coach London is only beginning.

-With Thanksgiving fast approaching, holiday planning is in full swing and I love it. I picked up our angels from the Angel Tree today and have begun my Christmas shopping list. (Not the actual shopping, mind you, but the list is a start, right?!?!)

Anyway, I’ll add more later, but that’s a good start for now. Happy and healthy Monday, everyone!