Wine Wednesday!

wine wednesday

bordeaux, the current go-to red

 A 2005 Bordeaux (that means it’s French!) from Chateau Barreyres.  It comes from the famed Haut-Medoc region, known for its fine wine-growing prowess.  Despite its parentage, however, it’s not a Grand Cru, but rather a more affordable Cru Bourgeois.  And I certainly can’t complain about this “middle-class” wine.

My notes:  (aerated version)

  • ruby red color
  • distinctive spicy aroma
  • mild fruit taste
  • spicy after-taste
  • vanilla notes, with a little plum

And what do the winemakers themselves say about the wine?

“A rich, deep color almost black but not quite.  The bouquet is extremely inviting, while on the palate this Haut Medoc Cru Bourgeois is both supple and weighty.  Ripe fruits and delicate gooseberries gradually develop earthy notes, followed by spices and vanilla.  Good fullness and long on the finish.”


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