Wine Wednesday!

wine wednesday

this week's selection: Ghost Pine's Merlot

For this week, we have a California Merlot from Ghost Pines.  It’s a 2006 that sells for $15.   I enjoyed this quite a bit a couple of weeks ago, using a little of it in a risotto I was making and drinking the rest with dinner.

Here are my notes:

  • dark cherry color
  • fruity aroma
  • fruit-filled flavor, not heavy at all
  • slight woody finish
  • some herby/oaky hints

And what do the experts have to say?

from Ghost Pines: “Employing dual County appellation sourcing for Ghost Pines Merlot 2006, our winemaker was able to blend a wine which accentuates the best of what Napa and Sonoma Merlot has to offer. Napa County Merlot provides lush, jammy, ripe fruit into the blend in a free-spirited manner. The Sonoma County Merlot adds fresh red and black fruits along with a strong structural foundation in a disciplined manner. The result is a wine that exhibits the best of both appellations. Our Merlot displays aromas and flavors highlighted by fresh blackberry and deep red jams along with subtle nuttiness, dried oats and sweet toast.”

from Wine Advocate: “The excellent 2006 Merlot may merit an outstanding score with more bottle age. Notes of mocha, black cherries, coffee, and chocolate soar from the glass of this dark plum-colored wine. It possesses terrific fruit, full body, a lush, hedonistic mouthfeel, and a heady, succulent finish. Enjoy this juicy Merlot over the next 5-6 years.”


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