Wine Wednesday!

So a couple of weeks ago, I picked up a few new bottles of white (!) wines to try.  Most of my friends know that I am partial to red and can be very picky when it comes to white wines.  As a consequence, I generally keep very little of it on hand and rarely open up a bottle unless I need it for a recipe.  That said, this week’s selection is a white that I am now in love with! 

wine wednesday

Mouton Cadet's White Bordeaux

This a white Bordeaux from the French Mouton Cadet vineyards.  It’s a 2009 that generally sells for around $10.  This is actually my first white Bordeaux, and I am a huge fan.  It has a lot of the heaviness and richness of a good red which is probably why I liked it so much!  This is a blended wine, mostly sauvignon blanc grapes with a few semillon and muscadella thrown in for good measure.  And it’s delicious!

My tasting notes:

  • heavier finish than many whites
  • very pale/soft gold color
  • tingly touch at first
  • light flavors, woody and grassy, not too fruity

And the notes from the professionals?

“Mouton Cadet Blanc has a brilliant, vivid color with pale gold highlights. The nose displays a rich palette of aromas, especially citrus and tropical fruit, set off by an elegant touch of green broom. Very smooth, it explodes with ripe fruit flavors on the palate, suggestive of grapefruit, mango and fresh apricot. Charm and roundness enfold the fruit on the rich and highly expressive finish.”  —


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