Wine Wednesday!

ok- I have temporarily misplaced my tasting notes for this week’s wine.  So I am shelving that til next Wednesday.  Instead, I’m showing off some of my husband’s handiwork that I probably should have put up in the first WW post. 

Back around Christmas, I started thinking that I wanted a nice wine fridge for our kitchen.  But despite lots of looking around and scouring the interwebs, I could not find one that fit the dimensions I needed plus had what I wanted in terms of features.  So the superawesome husband offered to build a wine rack for our former desk area – any style and type that I wanted.  I explained to him that I wanted something wooden (dark finish) and that I really liked the diamond-shaped cubby holes I had seen in a few racks.  He set off to make said rack, and six months later, voila! 

I’m loving my new wine rack, and am desperately trying to keep it filled (and failing at that I may add!).  It’s a gorgeous color though you might not notice that from the photos.  (I’m going to blame that on needing a better camera, ha.)  The rack holds between 58 and 74 if completely filled since you can place bottle two deep in each cubby.  The larger cubbies around the edges can also hold more than one bottle, depending on the shapes of the bottles.  Yay for the new wine rack!

wine rack

from the front

wine rack

from the side


2 comments on “Wine Wednesday!

  1. Jen says:

    Where did your husband find the pattern for this?

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