Wine Wednesday

Time for a new feature on the blog– Wine Wednesdays! Admittedly I saw this awhile back on another blog (and I promise as soon as I remember or rediscover whose it was, I will give full credit) and thought I could use one here as well. 

Now along with each wine recommendation, I am going to attempt to write a few wine tasting notes to accompany.  I must admit here that I am completely new to that, trying to actually describe the tastes of wine.  So, this should be an educational experience and personal growth lesson for me.

With all that said, what’s the first wine?

Wine Wednesday

Wine Wednesday - Louis Jadot, Beaujolais-Village

 Louis Jadot, Beaujolais-Village.  2007.  It’s a dry, red wine from the Burgandy area of France.  Louis Jadot wines come in a range of prices, but this particular bottle is fairly cheap at around $10 for the bottle.  It’s pairs well with meats, but is light enough that it could be drunk with most anything. 

My first attempt at tasting notes: 

  •  light, soft, subtle flavors
  • it has a ruby-red color
  • berry flavorings come to the forefront with some woody undertones

Now if you’re curious to how that stacks up to the official winemaker’s notes:   “Strong red, purple color.  Fresh red fruits on the nose with a hint of dark cherry. Slightly spicy with a touch of grey pepper, liquorice and a touch of rose flower. The whole wine is very well balanced with a nice acidity and the tannins presence on the finish invites food pairing such as with Terrines, Charcuteries, Grilled red meat, white fish, cheese or simply as the sole wine of a meal.”  — taken from the Louis Jadot website.

So… I’m semi close… sort of.   🙂


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