Roanoke Restaurants: Shakers


  • Dress:  casual
  • Food:  American variety- steaks, seafood
  • Price:  $-$$
  • Hours:  11 am – 11 pm (10 pm on sun, 12 am on fri and sat)
  • Alcohol:  yes
  • Outdoor dining:  no
  • Good for:  friends evening out, happy hour, couples looking for a casual meal
  • Overall Rating: ***
  • website:

      Shakers is a local chain with locations in Roanoke and Lynchburg.  It is a casual dining establishment- think a step above the O’ Rubybees variety (O’ Charley’s, Ruby Tuesday, Applebees).  service here is sometimes mixed and it can take forever to get a gift card if that’s all you’ve stopped in for, but it’s not a bad place for lunch or dinner.

      The decor is slightly dark with lots of warm woods.  Most of the booths are extra large.  There is a large bar with several televisions in the center of the restaurant.  (At least, if your dining companions are boring you, you can check out the latest scores!)  One major bonus is that it’s usually fairly quiet on a noise level, although they do occasionally offer live bands in the evenings. 

    Yesterday, I went to lunch with my sister, niece, and nephew.  Our server was fairly competent.  She was good with refills and polite, though I did receive the wrong salad dressing with my salad and our meals did take quite a bit of time to come out despite the restaurant being fairly empty (though, that is possibly more of a kitchen issue.)

    For lunch, I decided on the lunch-combo special where you could pick two items from a couple of sandwich, salad, and soup options.  I had the half of a club sub (brown sub bread with turkey, ham, lettuce, tomato, cheddar, and honey-mustard) and a small garden salad.  The salad leaves a little to be desired.  It’s mostly the hard white parts of iceberg lettuce topped with mounds of cheese and soft-cooked bacon.   I had ordered the cilantro-lime vinaigrette dressing, but ended up with ranch.  I went ahead and ate that, since it wasn’t a huge deal.  The sub was decent enough, but it could have used a smaller plate.  It looked a little sad and lonely all by its lonesome.

      As for my dining companions, my sister had the cheeseburger and fries.  Considering she ate most of it, I’ll assume it was ok. 🙂  My niece had the children chicken tender (side of fries, of course).  They were pretty poor quality as far as chicken tenders go, mostly breading.  My nephew got the children’s fried shrimp and fries.  His shrimp, while it tasted pretty good, had been overcooked and was VERY chewy.   All in all, I was less than impressed with the children’s menu. 

      Drinks consisted of sweet teas for three and a milk for one.  No complaints there. 

      Bottom line, Shakers isn’t catering to the kiddie crowd and that shows in the lack of effort put forth in their kids meals (which is a shame really), but adult entrees are generally pretty good.


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