Roanoke Restaurants: Macado’s

So amidst  my complaining about the Roanoke Times restaurant reviews the other day, the husband suggested I add my own reviews to the blog.  And I thought, why not?  My main complaint about the newspaper reviews is that they can go on and on about how crappy a place is but still recommend that you eat there in the end.  They are really such pansies when it comes to just saying, “This place is terrible. Don’t waste your money.”  This aggravates me to no end.  So to that, I say– my reviews may not be the most professional, you may not agree with them, they may not always answer your most burning questions… but I can promise that they will always be completely honest. 

Two important notes:

  • Price ratings:  $-$$$$  — $= most entrees under $10, $$= most entrees between $10 and $20, $$$= most entrees between $20 and $30, $$$$= most entrees over $30
  • Overall ratings:  *-***** — 0 or *= don’t waste your time or hard-earned money, **- maybe you’ll have better luck, but be warned, ***-decent enough, the food is edible and service is at least competent, ****- pretty good, you’ll enjoy your experience here, *****- a stellar dining experience

So on to the first review.  And let me start by giving you my one “rule” for future reviews– I’m not going to work retroactively.  Even though there are tons of amazing restaurants around town that I love and a few that I’m not a fan of, all of which I could put semi-decent reviews up of… I’m going to stick with reviewing as we eat.  I may reference past meals, but all reviews will come as we dine. 


  • Dress:  very casual– jeans, shorts, tees… it’s all good.
  • Food:  lighter American fare
  • Price:  $– most sandwiches are under $7
  • Hours: check the website for your locale, most are open all day.  The Salem location is open from 8 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. (1:30 a.m. Fri. and Sat.)
  • Alcohol: YES
  • Outdoor dining: yes
  • Good for:  families, groups of friends, anyone really
  • Rating: ****
  • Website:


So, today was lunch at Macado’s which is a locally-owned chain restaurant that started here in Roanoke, Salem, and the New River Valley.  It has now expanded to include a few locations in other parts of VA, NC, and WV.

There are several Macado restaurants around town, but we generally prefer the one on Main Street in Salem because it has a great outdoor-dining patio.  If the weather is nice, we pretty much always sit outside.  If you choose to eat inside, you’ll find warm wooden booths with a few tables and an insane amount of local memorabilia decorating the walls.  There is a bar area and I’m sure the drinks are great, but we generally are there for lunch and pretty much just stick to non-alcoholic beverages.  The noise level can occasionally be a bit much indoors given that it’s a popular place for casual meals and sometimes you get quite large groups of youngsters, but it’s not usually unbearable. 

As far as the food goes, the menu is an exhaustive list of pretty much any basic kind of sandwich you can imagine.  There are also a few appetizers, salads, burgers, quesadillas, pasta entrees… really a little of everything.  Over the years, I’ve ordered tons of things of the menu and am rarely disappointed.  My “usual” is the Coney Island– a mound of shaved ham, topped with melted cheddar cheese, bacon, and mayo.  It’s served on rye per the menu, but I always order it on a croissant– it’s so much better that way! 

Yesterday, we started with an appetizer of the skillet of cheese fries (always get the shredded… the server will ask whether you want shredded cheese or nacho and I don’t know anyone who likes the nacho version).  They will provide any dipping sauce you’d like for the fries– be sure to ask for ketchup if you need it. 

The husband then proceed to order one of his usuals, the Titanic– crumbled prime rib topped with melted Swiss cheese on French bread.  He gets it served French Dip style, au jus.  Yesterday, he did mention that the sandwich was a little light on cheese and therefore a little more messy than usual.  I went with a club sandwich, the Tippecanoe Club.  This consisted of a pile of shaved, cold ham between two slices of toasted white bread with another layer of mayo, lettuce, bacon, and tomato between the upper layers of toasted bread.  (Three slices of bread total there).  I’m a little averse to raw tomato so got it sans the tomato.  It was good and filling– just what I was in the mood for yesterday.  Sandwiches are served with a side of Ruffle potato chips, but you can replace them with potato salad, coleslaw, or fruit salad, if desired.  We both had sweet tea to drink- don’t forget your to-go drinks!

I will add that while we did not get any desserts yesterday, the various ice cream sundaes (all big enough to share) are always phenomenal!

Overall, yesterday was pretty on par with most of our dining experiences at Macado’s.  The service was competent, we were seated quickly and our glasses were never too dry.  The food was good, as expected.  And the price is great for an easy Saturday lunch.

2 comments on “Roanoke Restaurants: Macado’s

  1. Tracie Harold says:

    YAY MACADO’s!!!!!!!! ohh the days of the late night trips to downtown Macado’s—–every now and then we are out late—and Macado’s calls my name!! 🙂

    • quspork says:

      haha– gotta love macado’s. my all-time fave is still when angela ordered a hot chocolate and they brought her a bowl of hot fudge… ::sigh:: memories…

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