decisions, decisions

Since the husband and I totally bailed on a good summer vacay this year, I’m already planning my options for next year.  Right now, the leading contenders are a 3 week tour of England and Scotland OR a 3 week tour of France.  I’ve been to both London and Paris (both with a couple of day trips outside the respective cities) before, but the husband has not been to any of the aforementioned countries.  It’s just hard to really decide between the two!  If anyone has thoughts either way, I’m good with hearing them.  Right now, it’s basically coming down to my love of Scottish castles and lore vs my love of French cuisine and wine.  … But that totally oversimplifies everything, ha!  Anyhoo… Just thought I would share one of the ever-so-many things on my mind today.

ok— so here’s my trial at running the poll app… feel free to vote!  


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