living in the red, vol. 4

unfortunately in my couple of weeks off working in other arenas, i missed some golden gems from our paper recently.  it’s truly mind-boggling how some people think (or don’t, as the case may be.)  but here are three particularly interesting letters from yesterday’s paper.  My commentary is in bolded italics.


Forcing reform will cost at the polls

In the health care summit, President Obama seemed to be saying: We Democrats would like to have you Republicans on board with us, but if you are not aboard within a few weeks, we will proceed without you.  (Which is totally fine considering that the voting public overwhelmingly put in a Democratic White House and  Democratic Congress to do just that.)

It appears he is approaching ramming (oooh, good use of a FOX buzzword) speed. Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi maintained battle speed prior to the Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts elections, were shocked, and then regrouped.  (While I am not as educated on the NJ race, I can say that I certainly wouldn’t attribute the Democratic losses in VA and MA to some imagined reactionary anger towards healthcare legislation.  To anyone who paid attention, both races were lost because the Democratic party ran subpar, lackluster candidates who were not able to garner enough personal support to muster stronger campaigns.)

They offered the sham summit, in which Obama presented his plan and hoped to convince America to get onboard. (I — loser that I am — actually watched a fair amount of the summit as it was broadcast, and I do feel that many sides of the healthcare debate were argued effectively.  I certainly would not call it a ‘sham.’) We the people, called astroturf by Pelosi, were ignored as usual.  (Wait- how were the people ignored? Again, several different politicians offered several different view points.)  If Obama should proceed with the reconciliation procedure, which requires only a Senate majority vote to pass Obamacare, more Democratic seats in Congress will be lost.  (Unless, oh mighty Kreskin, people begin to educate themselves about healthcare legislation and decide for themselves that this is a measure our country sorely needs.)

Polls consistently show that the majority of American people recognize the progressive, statist nature of Obamacare. (Statist, eh? And here I was thinking we were going for a world government — ;-). )  They reject the arrogant, fascist methods being employed to force it on them, and they will vote its proponents out in November. (Fascist? Really? It’s not considered ‘fascist’ when most Americans have no problem with providing healthcare for their fellow citizens. Remember, it’s all in whose numbers you’re looking at.)

2.Don’t expect others to feed your kids

I heard on the radio where children were starving in Washington, D.C., due to the snow not allowing them to go to school and get the free breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that are sent home with them at the end of the school day.

I raised four daughters with a modest-paying job (key phrase here- modest-paying job), and never did I accept free anything from schools. We got up, fixed the kids’ breakfast and packed their lunches or gave them the money to buy their lunch. (I’m glad you had the money to properly provide for your family, but surely you must realize that there are those out there who are suffering financially and cannot afford nutritious food to feed their children?) Really though, dinner and snacks to take home? What are food stamps for?  (They would be for feeding those who cannot afford to buy food on their own if the agencies providing such programs hadn’t seen so many budget cuts in preceding years.)

I don’t mean to sound heartless (and yet, you do), but people dependent on the government to give them everything to the point where they would complain that their children are not being fed is trifling beyond belief.  (Yes, you are right. It is absolutely trifling for that woman whose husband died last year after a prolonged battle with cancer, leaving her with stacks of medical bills (you know, since not everyone can afford the right health care coverage here in the good ol’ USA) and 3 mouths to feed is struggling after having lost her job due to budget cutbacks and is now out working minimum wage in order to provide a roof over the heads of her school-aged children. GOD! What a wench! If only she’d stop being sad and lazy and make her own luck in the world. That’s what real American’s do. Pull themselves up by their bootstraps and never, i repeat NEVER, accept any sort of government aid. …. ::sigh::)

There are people out of work and depending on the government to help them out. At the same time, though, they are looking for work. Why? Because they were raised believing it’s the right thing to do.  (I’m sorry, but are you implying that any parent of a child who receives free or reduced school meals is not employed/looking for work/doing the right thing?)

3. Stop adding more taxes for schools

Re: the meals tax proposed by Roanoke City Councilman Court Rosen:

Where will it stop? They should take off 2 percent at this depressed time in our lives. It costs me almost $20 to eat a $10 meal.  (Whoa, you must be an awesome tipper, dude.) Gas, to and from, 10 percent sales tax and 20 percent gratuity add up.  (Oh… no… apparently you just drive really far to get your meals?  Next time try eating locally, not only good for your gas tank but also for your local community.)

The school boards and their people will never get enough money. (Right, because we all know, money spent on education is money wasted!) Two words describe it: greed and waste.  (? Who are the greedy ones?  I know the teachers and other school staff aren’t rollin’ in the dough…)  What did they do with the lottery money? Easy come, easy go.

Compare American students with Europe’s cost per pupil and quality of education per student.  (Please do. Make valid comparisons.  Because eventually you will notice that the European attitude towards education is extremely different from the American one.)  Temporary tax means temporary until we can add on to it. They never take it off. Enough is enough.  (‘Cause god knows we wouldn’t want to provide any more tax money to the education of children!)


One comment on “living in the red, vol. 4

  1. I find your assessment of the current state of Obamacare amusing. So most people like statism? Where is the poll showing this? Every poll has the Healthcare debacle as a “no go” to the American people. The Bipartisan Healthcare Summit was very illustrative of the aloof nature of the President and the Democrats. They didn’t even look at the Republicans for most of the “summit”, as if they could not be bothered for even fake lip service.

    As for the positions of the American people, extreme Liberalism is at the bottom, at about 20%, Conservatives come in 2nd, and “independents” are numero uno. And most of those Independents are now called “The Tea Party”. To assume your positions are in the mainstream is not applicable. While you might be able to have a comfortable conversation with Sean Penn or Keith Olbermann, the average American is not that far Left. They understand that deficit spending, that was bad under Bush, has exploded under Obama. They have to balance their budgets, and know that these people are not balancing theirs.

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