so behind on oscar movies

i feel so behind on my movie watching.  at this point last year, i’m pretty sure that we had seen most of the main oscar nominees for different categories. but this year… not so much.  there are several that look great that we just haven’t gotten around to seeing.

i did talk the husband into taking me to see precious last weekend and am really glad that we saw it.  it’s a powerful movie, sad at times and mindboggling at others. but it’s not depressing, as amazing as that sounds.  it offers glimmers of hope for people who suffer similar situations every day in this country. from the movies that i have seen, i definitely think that mo’nique deserves the supporting actress award for this one.  she does a great job of playing someone is basically a pitiful excuse for a human being, while giving her some humanity at the same time.  i thought the actress who played precious, gabourey sidibe, also does a fantastic job in her role (especially having seen how perky she is in interviews), but i still love meryl streep in julie and julia for the best actress win.


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