living in the red, vol. 2

letters to the editor from mon. jan. 11. my comments are bolded and in italics.

It doesn’t feel like global warming to me

I’m afraid I just do not understand this global warming thing. When does it start, or is it over? (::sigh:: i knew it. i knew as soon as we got a few flurries this winter and then a huge snowstorm that we would soon see these letters in the paper. watching the flakes fall into the yard, i looked at my husband and said, “just wait, now everyone and their brother will be writing letters to the paper about how global warming can’t be real because, by god, it’s cold outside!”) Perhaps global warming is one of those expressions used sardonically, when the speaker wishes to emphasize a point by saying the opposite of what he or she means. Global warming just could be code for global cooling, kind of like referring to a person who is not too bright as an Einstein. (actually cooling is all a part of it. the term global warming is probably not the best choice for what we should be calling climate change. because even within global warming, you can and will see periods of extreme winter weather and freezing temperatures. for further information, see this website and question #3.

A friend of mine likes to point out that glaciers all over the world are melting. Well, there is a new one forming in my back yard. (sir, the 3 foot tall snowman you built in your backyard does not qualify as a glacier. in fact, the world’s smallest glaciers are still several hundred meters across. now if you have something that large in your backyard, i truly want to see it.)

I have read that some people purchase carbon credits to atone for the carbon dioxide they cause to be released into the atmosphere when they travel. The money supposedly is spent to plant trees and shrubs to reabsorb carbon dioxide and keep the Earth cool. It must be working. I’ve got the glacier to prove it.

This long stretch of record-breaking cold has been novel, but I will certainly be glad when it is over. I’ve had just about all the global warming I can stand. I have to wonder, who was the Einstein that dreamed up global warming in the first place? (someone with half a brain who looked at what our planet is going through and said, “hey, i wonder if we humans have something to do with this?”)


Times must have low opinion of readers

The Jan. 7 news story “Cold snap can coincide with global warming” is the last straw. Only liberal extremists such as The Roanoke Times editorial staff could publish such obvious drivel, and in the news section to boot. Then in the body of the article it states, “Experts did not connect the current frigid blast to climate change,” making the ridiculous headline even more misleading.  (oh my. i hope you are aware that only in the u.s. is climate change considered to be even a remotely debated issue. it is actually factual news in any other part of the world.)

Clearly, The Times staff must believe its readership has a collective IQ of the current average temperature. “If we print it, it must be so.” If I were the superintendent of any of the local school divisions, I would use The Times as a classic example of poor journalism and how to distinguish fact versus opinion.  (see above. in fact the u.s. was one of only 3 countries – the others being russia and china – out of 25 major nations where less than half of the general populace believes global warming to be a problem.

If The Times insists on perpetuating the mantra of the Al Gore global-warming zealots, I have a suggestion: Turn off that electricity-gulping press that extends across a city block, mothball your fleet of gas-guzzling delivery trucks and fire carriers who are required to drive vehicles in the most inefficient way possible. Or are you purchasing carbon credits from Al? (you don’t have to like al gore, but your dislike of him does not make the facts that he presents untrue.)

I have my subscription renewal in hand, and for the first time, I am seriously considering the circular file.

if you are interested in learning more about climate change here are some great websites to help out:
the national oceanic and atmospheric administration (even though i do realize that they are an arm of our socialist government)
need a quick easy read of some facts? national geographic news
the united nations environmental program
since so many americans have a distrust of the general world, however, here is the page for our very own environmental protection agency

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