living in the red, vol. 1

letter to the editors from yesterday’s paper:   my comments are in bolded italics

1. A shame to oppose prayer in Congress

It is truly shameful that people don’t do their homework. This country was started by Christians, (nope, no, it wasn’t. reread your history. some of them were christians in today’s sense of the word, but many were not. and many believed that religion should be as far removed from government as possible.) and its Constitution, along with its laws, are based on Christian ideology (again wrong. our laws have more basis in the pagan cultures of mesopotamia, rome, and greece). Virtually every law can be traced back to the Ten Commandments. (say what now? one word for you- hammurabi. once again, our code of laws dates back much farther than the ten commandments. not to mention that the ten commandments is far to simple a codex to be used as a basis for law now. i mean hey- there’s nothing about rape in the big 10, just no coveting of a neighbor’s wife. so as long as a chick ain’t married, that bitch is fair game, right??)

Of course, people would have to check up on that now, wouldn’t they? (pot, kettle) Obviously the person who wrote how horrified he was that our government would have a prayer before business and, oh my, would say it in Jesus’ name is one who needs to do some of that homework (“Congress violates bar on sectarian prayer,” Dec. 31 letter). (alas, it should go without saying but apparently it does need to be said— we are not a christian nation. do we have many christians? yes, of course. but we also have many jews, muslims, buddhists, hindus, shintos, pagans, wiccans, agnostics, atheists, and many others. and our nation is all about inclusion of all peoples. after all, we are all created equal right? so, you know what? i honestly have no problem if you want congress to pray in jesus’s name before a session. as long as next time, another religion gets to pick the prayer. we’ll see how long tolerance lasts when the satanists get their turn.)

The letter writer is one of those who has made this country what is today. Perhaps he’s gay, a Muslim, a witch or a foreigner who thinks he needs to shove his beliefs down everyone’s throats. (whoa. this just took a turn for the unreal. sorry, sir, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with being homosexual, a muslim, a practicing wiccan, or someone born on foreign soil.  and, quite frankly, how dare you suggest that any of these is somehow wrong and against america! i have news for you, sir, it is people who fall into these categories who have built our great nation and who continue to better our world. i would take a gay muslim mexican who worships trees on the side over you anyday.) I would suggest to this person, if that is the case, really and sincerely go back to where all is good and wonderful. You know, the place where he fit in and is welcome. Thank God.

So long as the government says a prayer before business, we won’t have to worry about this guy running for office.  (and yet, if he did, he would have my vote! heathens unite!)


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