the new super mario brothers for the wii

if you’re in to old school nintendo, then you need to try out this game. i PPH’ed the original NES super mario games (well, except for maybe number 2), and i am not at all disappointed by the new wii version.  nintendo did the smart thing and made game play extremely similar to super mario world 3. there are world maps to complete, various games to play along the way, battling in castles for the princess, the warships, etc. it’s great. granted i haven’t gotten terribly far in it yet, but i definitely looking forward to spending more time reliving my “youth,” ha.

new on dvd

a few new releases on dvd this past week:

the hangover- an absolutely hilarious movie. i was concerned that it would be too silly and frat-boyish, but it really is done in a smart way and is a lot of fun to watch.

district 9- was better than i thought it would be. i like the story behind the film, and the fact that it’s not just another alien action movie. it has a soul to it.

500 days of summer- a really great romantic comedy. it’s a sweet funny story, that both patrick and i enjoyed!

all about steve- well, it does have it’s funny moments, but overall, i don’t feel as though my life is truly enriched by having seen this one.